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          A letter to the customers

          Dear customers:

          Long-term cooperation, mutual benefit and win-win results is our common desire.Hope you can come tous for the mutual cooperationwith Risungroup, and your suggestions and comments are the biggest support to our workfor the development process. It will also promote the efficient and positive cooperation amongus.

          Risungroup’s business supervision and service department, and theAuditDepartmentof Risungroup will take every suggestions and comments seriously in order to make sure they are supervised and rectified.At the same time, Risungroup is also cautiousagainstcorruption, the Supervision andAudit Department is responsible toinvestigate our company’s internal personal behaviors, such as treats customersdeliberately, asking for briberies, and so on. You may contact us regarding such problemsif you face during any business transactions.

          “Focus on customers, and create value for customers”is our eternal commitment. To keep the communication between you and Risungroup unimpeded, you can contact us byemailing to :xyjcsj@risun.com.

          Yours sincerely,

          Supervision andAudit  Departmentof Risun

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          Company address: Building 4, Section 5, 188 Western Road of South Loop 4, ABP Area, Fengtai District, Beijing, PRC, 100070
          Tel:0086-10-63701616  Fax:0086-10-63701860
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