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          Human Resources
          Three principles of employment in Risun group
          The growth and improvement methods for Risun employees
          “Macro-view on talent” of Risun Group

          The growth and improvement methods for Risun employees

          Risun always improves consciously, periodically and purposefully the ability of each system, company and department, and employee.

          There are two ways for the employees' growth within Risun GroupCompany, one bystudying from the qualified and experienced workers and leaders, the second is by studying and improving by themselves.

          Firstly, all skilled persons should train the apprentices.

          It is one of the human resource management systems that Risuners have been persistingon. Risun believes that the growth of staffs have direct relationship with their direct leaders.

          At the beginning of one new employees' enrollment, the company will appoint one master to train this apprentice. On the one hand, this system embodied that all persons from general managers to normal employees even operators should have their master; on the other hand the master might be the apprentice of other person, the apprentice might be the master of another newer comer who followed himself. All in all, this system is embodied that one leadsanother and one helps another, and all Risuners improve jointly and wholly.

          Secondly, Risuners improve themselves in their daily work and spare times.

          This has two levels of meaning. The first meaning is that employees shouldn’t rely on others but themselves, not to be demanded by the company but actively do it by self-consciousness.

          The second meaning is to follow the logic from target, benchmark, gap to measure.

          More specifically, we should clarify target, set benchmark, find gap and enact measures. Firstly, we should have the clear goal and be accountable for it. Secondly, we need set our learning objects from inside and outside of company, and clarify the detail items and contents of the benchmarks. Thirdly, we have to analyze the gaps between ourselves and the benchmarks to lock the targets. Fourthly, we will make improvement measures according to the gaps and shortages.

          Clear target is helpful to find out the benchmark that is the target altitude we pursue. Benchmark can help us see the gap between ourselves and others more intuitively and easily, then the effective measures could be takento change the gap and finally the target will be achieved. This is logic of loop implementation and an essential process of development level by level.

           “Clarifying target, setting benchmark, finding gap and enacting measures” is not only the working method of managing and enhancing ourselves but also the way to managethe promotion of Risun Group.

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