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          Human Resources
          Three principles of employment in Risun group
          The growth and improvement methods for Risun employees
          “Macro-view on talent” of Risun Group

          “Macro-view on talent” of Risun Group

          According to the strategic needs and position in different development phase, combining with the current status of human resource team, Risun group outlinedthe human resources development strategy, to develop the human resources aiming at amending the weaknesses, to build a professional team with cooperation spirit, excellent work ethics,wisdom, knowledge and skills, and to make the talent configuration more reasonable. Risun takesa series of measures to arouse the talent’s energy and creativity and then make sure the strategic target of company come true.

          Risun‘s talents are not restricted to be one type. We Risuners think we must have broad vision, because we believe in “no vision, no accomplishment”. If we want to be the greatest, more talents are necessary. Thus, we have developed the“Macro-view on talent” of Risun Group:

          All people who can accpetRisun’s value and corporate culture, and are in favor of corporate business development are talents, and who are helpful of corporate survival and development are also talents. All these talents canbe employed byRisun in right ways.

          Talents of Risun group are divided into several levels as follows.

          Decision-making level: Talents who participate in the company decision-making.

          Middle-level and management level: Executive level who are main pushers and implementers of company targets and decisions.

          Executive manager’s level: we can also call them professional managers.

          Grass-root employees: They are the basis and essential unitfor company development.

          Consultant level: People who provide consultancy in different aspects for development of Risun.

          Business cooperationlevel: People who are associated with any kind of business of the company.

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