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          Risun logo is based on Chinese traditional culture, by approaching Chinese seal method to perform people in Risun insist on “integrity” and “shouyi”. Advocating the character of the velvet glove and the principle of honesty, taking letter first, treating people sincerely, keeping promise and being responsible for customers, partners and the society. The brush strokes represent the fine workmanship and symbolize rigorous and practical style in Risun. At the same time, the continuous meaning and structure of the graph symbolize the commitment in Risun to the development direction and ideas of circular economy.

          The core element of Risun logo is engraving of Chinese charm. It means that the spirit of Risun, which is “making every effort, perseverance, never ending, and aiming to win”, has been engraved in the hearts of every Risun people. The word "Risun" is full of intelligent. The word "Yang" refers "Day" and the right for the East. It means that the rising sun is rising and accumulating the inner motivation of Risun's vigorous development.

          Anothercore element of Risun logo stands for rising run. The English characters are from evolution of Roman body, which highlights Risun's unique international development ideas and temperament.

          Engraving of "Risun" combines with the English "RISUN", forming a unique brand identity. The use of warm gold highlights the exquisiteness and elegance of the logo, strengthens the overall aesthetic changes, making more rhythmic and reflects the characteristics and international vision of the combination of Chinese and Western cultures in Risun. The application of China Red reflects the rising sun and the furnace fire, giving all Risun people the infinite passion to “Create Wealth, Perfect Life”.

          The unique expression of the Risun logo highlights Risun’s determination to provide high-quality services to the society and the social commitment of integrity management. It expresses Risun’s enthusiasm for entrepreneurship, as well as the confidence and courage to be the world’s leading energy and chemical company.

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