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          Risun logo is based on Chinese traditional culture. Through Chinese Seal technique, Risuners’ ideas are expressed, which include persisting in integrity and keeping faith, being smooth on the surface but firm at heart, sincerity and faithfulness, and being responsible for clients, cooperators and society. The Seal script is representative of a rigorous, pragmatic style, as well as exquisite work. Meanwhile, the continuous and circulative calligraphic style and structure in the logo symbolize circular economy development direction and strategy and dedicationin comprehensive utilization of resources.

          Unique Chinese seal cutting is one of the core elements of Risun logo. The Risun spirit of " go with every effort, work with ultimate perseverance, strive with no end, win with strongest determination" is engraved in every Risuner’s heart. The Chinese characters‘Risun’ means that red sun rises from the east, which accumulates the inner power to flourish.

          RISUN, another core element of Risun logo (the word is createdfrom the words“rising” and“sun”), adopts characteristic English characters which derived from roman script, manifesting Risun’s unique international development ideas and temperaments.

          The integrating of Chinese seal cutting and English word ‘RISUN’ forms unique brand identity. The adopting of warm golden color highlights delicacy and nobility of the logo. By strengthening integral aesthetic changing, the logo is full of rhythm sensation, thus indicating the feature of combining Chinese and Western culture and international perspective. The adoption of Chinese red gives all Risuners endless passion of ‘Createwealth and Perfect life’.

          The determination of providing high quality service to the society and the commitment of honest management is manifest through unique expression of Risun logo. Risun will always maintain entrepreneurial passion and keep the confidence and courage of ‘A leadingenergy and chemical company of the world’.

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          Company address: Building 4, Section 5, 188 Western Road of South Loop 4, ABP Area, Fengtai District, Beijing, PRC, 100070
          Tel:0086-10-63701616  Fax:0086-10-63701860
          Copyright: China Risun Coal Chemicals Group Limited